Bubble Machine Rental

bubble machine rental

How many bubble machines do you need?

Rentals are $265.00 each

Professional Output Bubble Machine

What's the date of your event?

Your rental will be delivered 2 days before your event, or you can pick up from us. You'll then have 5 days to return it back to us. Pre-paid return labels are included in your shipping cost.

How many gallons of Bubbleworks Formula do you need?

$72.50 per gallon.

We recommend at least 1 gallon per machine, per hour of output


Order Details Sub Total
Rental Bubble Machines: x Bubble Machine(s). Event Date:
( x $) $
Purchase: x Gallon(s) of Bubbleworks Formula. You can only use MagicSnow formula with our machines! ( x $) $
Sub Total: $
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